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Technology Sectors for Patent Services

We provide patent services including patent searches, patent analytics, patent drafting, patent filing in India, PCT patent filing, patent prosecution, responding to patent office actions, patent monetization, patent commercialization, patent valuation, patent licensing, patent assignment, patent infringement reports, patent invalidation searches and patent legal opinions. Technology landscape studies are core...Read More >>

Patents based on Information and Communication Technology – ICT Patents

Business productivity across nations has grown significantly due to ICT (Information and Communication technology) revolution. In essence, ICT represents intersection of multiple technologies in a manner to revolutionize the communication across the globe. With such rapid growth, ICT growth has resulted in commercial as well as legal implications.ICT companies routinely...Read More >>

Machine Learning Basics – Patent Claim Charts – Case Study

Machine LearningMachine Learning or ML is a concept that enables a machine or a software tool to learn on its own without specific programming. For example, in banking sector, ML can be used to predict unpaid or bad loans before a default actually occurs based on the previous payment patterns....Read More >>

Patents in India – Express and Expedite Patent Examination in India

EXPRESS AND EXPEDITE PATENT EXAMINATION IN INDIAIn India, an application for patent only goes through examination when a request for such examination is made to the Controller of Patents within a period of 48 months from the date of filing of that patent application, or from the date of priority...Read More >>

Provisional Patent Application

Provisional Patent FilingProvisional patent application is filed when the invention is not fully ready. A well drafted provisional patent provides patent pending rights to establish inventorship and patent ownership as patent office follows first to file approach to determine the true inventor of a patent covering new idea or product....Read More >>

Blockchain Patents – Overview

Blockchain is one of most hyped technology in recent times, and patent protection for blockchain based innovations will have a high degree of impact on projects covering smart contracts, cryptocurrency (Bitcoin), distributed ledger, financial technology (FinTech) products and supply chain management.Like all other patents, blockchain patents are exclusive rights which...Read More >>

Trademark Filing and Prosecution in India – Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Trademark Process in IndiaQ1. What is a Trade Mark? Q2. What are the essentials which every trademark must possess to be a trademark? Q3. Who can file for registration of Trade Marks in India? Q4. How much does it cost to get a trademark in India? Q5. What are the...Read More >>

Frequently Asked Questions – FAQs

Patent FilingPatent Prosecution Patent Registration Q. Who can file patent in India? Q. What are various types of patent applications? Q. How to file a patent in India? Q. How much does it cost to get a patent in India? Q. What are the requirements to file a patent in...Read More >>

Patent Prosecution in India – Patent Eligibility and Patent Examination Process

Once a patent application is filed with the patent office, patent applicants are required to submit request for early publication of patent application in addition to request for patent examination. Once a patent examination request is filed, the patent office examines the patent application in accordance with patent procedure and...Read More >>