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August 6th, 2019
patent attorney in India

Patent Infringement in India – Damages and Injunction

Patent rights allow the owners to exclude others from making, selling or using the claimed invention. In case such rights are used without permission, it amounts to patent infringement. In Indian perspective, the Patents Act includes various provisions defining patent infringement as an unauthorized act of selling, manufacturing, offering to ...
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patent valuation india

Patent Valuation – Valuation of Intellectual Property Assets

Patent valuation process includes overview of patent and valuation aspects followed by patent valuation approach. Overview of patent covers reviewing patent filing date, patent priority date, countries where patent has been granted, title and abstract of patent, along with scope of granted patent claims. Patent Valuation Procedure The patent valuation ...
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Patent Research Involving Chemical Structures

CHEMICAL STRUCTURE PATENT SEARCH Chemical structure patent searches are conducted by scientists, chemistry patent attorneys, health-professionals, chemists, professionals in the pharmaceutical industry, in-house chemical lawyers and pharmaceutical attorneys. Many chemical compounds which form subject matter of patent claims are available in the patentscope WIPO database. However, to search relevant patent results, a ...
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PCT National Phase Patent Filing Procedure in India

The growth rate of Indian patent applications was highest in 2018. Patent filing in India is aimed at obtaining protection from the patent office. PCT patent filing in India can either an international phase application, or a national phase application. A PCT international application is received by the Indian patent ...
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patent attorney india

Growing Law Practice – Guide for Lawyers

“Efficient management without effective leadership is like straightening deck chairs on the Titanic” – from 7 Habits of Highly Effective People” by Stephen Covey A key issue associated with legal practice includes lack of effectiveness. Most lawyers blindly follow any work that comes their way without having any plan or ...
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Technology Sectors for Patent Services

We provide patent services including patent searches, patent analytics, patent drafting, patent filing in India, PCT patent filing, patent prosecution, responding to patent office actions, patent monetization, patent commercialization, patent valuation, patent licensing, patent assignment, patent infringement reports, patent invalidation searches and patent legal opinions. Technology landscape studies are core ...
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Patents based on Information and Communication Technology – ICT Patents

Business productivity across nations has grown significantly due to ICT (Information and Communication technology) revolution. In essence, ICT represents intersection of multiple technologies in a manner to revolutionize the communication across the globe. With such rapid growth, ICT growth has resulted in commercial as well as legal implications. ICT companies ...
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Machine Learning Basics – Patent Claim Charts – Case Study

Machine Learning Machine Learning or ML is a concept that enables a machine or a software tool to learn on its own without specific programming. For example, in banking sector, ML can be used to predict unpaid or bad loans before a default actually occurs based on the previous payment ...
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patent attorney in india

Patents in India – Express and Expedite Patent Examination in India

EXPRESS AND EXPEDITE PATENT EXAMINATION IN INDIA In India, an application for patent only goes through examination when a request for such examination is made to the Controller of Patents within a period of 48 months from the date of filing of that patent application, or from the date of ...
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Provisional Patent Application

Provisional Patent Filing Provisional patent application is filed when the invention is not fully ready. A well drafted provisional patent provides patent pending rights to establish inventorship and patent ownership as patent office follows first to file approach to determine the true inventor of a patent covering new idea or ...
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patent attorney in india

Frequently Asked Questions – FAQs

Patent Process in India Patent Filing Patent Prosecution Patent Registration   Q. Who can file patent in India? Q. What are various types of patent applications? Q. How to file a patent in India? Q. How much does it cost to get a patent in India? Q. What are the ...
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patent filing in india pct national phase WIPO application

Patent Prosecution in India – Patent Eligibility and Patent Examination Process

Patent Office Action Once a patent application is filed with the patent office, patent applicants are required to submit request for early publication of patent application in addition to request for patent examination. Once a patent examination request is filed, the patent office examines the patent application in accordance with ...
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Patent Intelligence and Patent Monetization

Patent Intelligence Patent attorneys are regularly approached by clients with existing innovations and patents, wherein such information is analysed extensively with regards to prior art (patent and non-patent publications), technology landscape and state of art patent searches to generate actionable business intelligence. Our in-house patent search experts provide effective solutions ...
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How to Get a Patent in India for Software, Mobile Applications and Computer Related Inventions – IoT (Internet of Things) Patent Landscape

Software Patent in India Software and Mobile App Patents are routinely granted by the Indian Patent Office and recently, following patents were granted: (a) Google LLC filed patent application 3023/KOLP/2014 that is titled LOCATION HISTORY FILTERING. The invention is about filtering location information received from multiple computing devices . During ...
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patent attorney in india

Pharmaceutical Patents in India

Pharmaceutical patents for inventions resulting from combination of previously known active ingredients face higher level of scrutiny from the patent examiner as patent office does not generally allow the patent owners to extend the life of existing patents by filing new patents for substantially same or similar inventions, without any ...
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FinTech – Financial Technology Patents, Blockchain Technology and Bitcoin

Mobile based payments using smartphone applications and handheld devices has resulted in a striving competition between financial institutions (banks), technology corporations (Apple, Google, Samsung) and startups (PayPal, PayTM, MobiKwik). Consequently, number of patents filed in FinTech sector have increased exponentially across the globe indicating strong propagation of innovative FinTech solutions worldwide. As per views of FinTech ...
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ITPAS: Ideas to Patents and Strategy | New Small Business Program Launched

Summary: Inventors and small business owners have always found the patent strategy a complicated maze for navigation, and patent attorney Rahul Dev has recently launched an innovative intellectual property creation program to address such needs. Not only this program is cost-effective, his decade long experience as patent attorney and technology ...
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software mobile application patent india

Software Patents in India – FAQs – Frequently Asked Questions on Best Practices

Patent Protection for Software and Mobile Applications (Apps) - FAQs How are software patents granted in India? Originally published here. Software patents are granted in India if the computer related inventions pass the patent eligibility test. Software patents are granted by the Indian patent office for inventions that are novel, ...
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Global Patent & Trademark Filing Strategy for Cloud Telephony Company – Case Study

This case study is about IP services provided to a client in the domain of cloud telephony. Specifically, the cloud telephony company developed an innovative technology product and this case study provides a reference for patent attorneys and intellectual property law firms worldwide. Oroginally published here. Cloud Telephony Product - ...
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Role of Startup Lawyer in India – Legal Support for Technology Business Growth

Startup deals across various business and technology sectors are exposed to legal and regulatory landscape at various levels. Venture capital is constantly powering private equity investments through venture funding by VC firms and angel investments by angel investors. Indian government under the leadership of PM Modi has announced Startup India ...
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Patent Filing in India – Startup India Action Plan – IP Facilitators under Indian Patent and Trademark Office

Originally published here and here. Startup India refers to action plan announced by PM Modi that defines "Startup" & introduces recognition procedure for startups in India. As may be seen, the startup India action plan introduces constitution of Inter-Ministerial Board along with a new category of white industries. The action plan as ...
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ChatBots – Bots for Facebook Messenger – Google’s AI Patents and IBM’s Watson Super-Computer

ChatBots by Facebook Recently, Facebook introduced chat bots and it received extensive coverage. In simple terms, chatbots are automated services powered by Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning provided over chat interface to the users. In use, Big Data is employed for Machine Learning and Deep Learning to provide messaging services ...
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internet of things iot patent attorney devices sensors data analytics

AutoTech Review – Patents And Connected Cars – Internet Of Things (IoT) – Emerging Trends And Predictions

Publication in AutoTech Review - India's First and Only Automotive Magazine that Speaks the Language of Technology Details: CONNECTED CARS & IOT – EMERGING TRENDS AND PREDICTIONS Originally published here. Tesla and Apple Tesla founder Elon Musk recently confirmed that he believes Apple is working on producing a car, during ...
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5g bluetooth low energy internet of things iot patent attorney mobile app software patents india

5G Technology Patents – Enabling Internet of Things (IoT) and High Speed Data Transmission #MWC16

Future of connectivity relies heavily upon 5G technology and companies including Nokia, Huawei and Ericsson are getting ready to prepare themselves for next generation mobile technology. Originally published here. While essential technologies are covered under SEPs (Standard Essential Patents) and FRAND (Fair, Reasonable and Non Discriminatory Licensing Terms), there's still big ...
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BioSpectrum Asia – Compulsory License of Bayer’s Nexavar

BioSpectrum Asia - Debate over compulsory licensing of Bayer's Nexavar  Originally published here. Full Article: India allows compulsory licensing of Bayer’s Nexavar In March 2012, the Indian Patent office granted first compulsory license to NATCO pharma to make anti-cancer drug sorafenib for the India market. However, the compulsory license is ...
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Economic Times – Monsanto’s Climate Resilient Crop Patent Rejection

Views published in Economic Times regarding Monsanto’s patent rejection order passed by Intellectual Property Appellate Board (IPAB). Full Article - Monsanto’s Cimate-resilient Crop Patent Claims Rejected Full copy of IPAB Order. Originally published here. Monsanto filed patent application No.2407/DEL/NP/2006 on 01/05/2006. The patent office examined the claimed subject matter and raised ...
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LawAsia Publication – Patent Opposition in India

Full Article: Patent Opposition in India: Recent Trends Overview of patent opposition in India, the two-stage patent opposition process and how it affects the industry, as the patent applicants are now vulnerable to multiple pre-grant oppositions filed by competitors, or even by a single competitor, since there is nothing to stop a party ...
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patent enforcement lawyer attorney india

International Bar Association – Patent Enforcement in India

Asia Pacific – Regional Forum News – Newsletter of the International Bar Association Legal Practice Division Full Copy of Publication: Local working requirements and enforceability of patents: an Indian perspective of challenges and opportunities surrounding a granted patent This article provides a basic overview regarding local working requirements of granted patents ...
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BioSpectrum – Regulatory Challenges For APAC Businesses – Biotech in Asia Pacific

By 2020, according to Frost & Sullivan, healthcare expenditure in the APAC will increase 151 percent over 2010 figure, to $2927 billion at a compound annual growth rate of 9.2 percent. Factors such as increasing population, per capita income, prevalence of lifestyle diseases due to rapid urbanization, apart from cost ...
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Global Legal Post – Indian Patent Office Backlog

Global Legal Post Publication Before US visit, PM Modi announced to resolve one the most crucial issues daunting the Indian Patent Office, i.e. clearing the huge backlog. Originally published here. Full Article: 1,000 backlog beaters for Indian patent office Rahul Dev, Partner at the law firm of Tech Corp Legal LLP, is ...
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Swissinfo – Novartis Patent Case – Indacaterol – Onbrez Delhi High Court Judgement

Swissinfo is Swiss Government's International Publication Service managed by Swiss Broadcasting Corporation (SBC). Originally published here. Views on Delhi High Court's ruling in Novartis patent dispute: "the ruling is totally in line with existing laws, rules and judicial precedents. For example, the Indian patents act provides provisions for revocation of ...
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Economic Times – FinTech Patents – Finance Technology Innovations Implemented Over Digital Platforms

Views published in Economic Times: FreeCharge's patent filing for alternative to OTP a wake up call for other companies Originally published here. FreeCharge files patent for technology claiming secure features for online transactions that provide alternative to the SMS based one-time-password (OTP) Freecharge’s Technology named 'On The Go Pin' makes ...
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Drafting & Filing Patent in India – Insights by Patent Attorney

Patent Drafting | Writing Patent Application As it is well known, inventions are created and protected under patent rights and a strongly drafted patent application determines the potential of an invention. The patent process includes various steps, including, prior art patent search, patentability analysis, drafting and filing provisional patent application, ...
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Patent Filing Strategy for Financial Technology (FinTech) Product for eCommerce- Protecting Intellectual Property (IP) Framework

Client – Financial Technology (FinTech) Company Product – Technology Providing Secure Platform for eCommerce Transactions Originally published here. Business Goal – Protecting Intellectual Property (IP) Framework During Pre-Launch Traction Solution – Firstly, once the client engaged our law firm, we identified multiple business partners across different positions in value chain ...
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Patent Protection of Mobile [Smartphone] Applications – Android, Apple, Microsoft & Blackberry Apps

Mobile applications, which are commonly referred to as mobile apps, are generally available for download at various app stores. Commercially, selling mobile apps is a highly profitable business model as developers can offer apps to multiple markets. Originally published here. Commercial success of mobile applications has resulted in an increasing ...
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