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Best lawyers and law firms in India focus on corporate laws, litigation, arbitration and mediation covering business laws. Law Office of Rahul Dev (LORD) is a next generation technology-focused commercial legal consultancy firm that practices in the dynamic field of Corporate and Technology laws.

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LORD is an exclusive full spectrum technology and corporate legal consulting firm, while its professionals in turn possess deep science background along with advanced degrees in law and management.

At LORD, when expertise in a related activity is necessary, an efficient application of legal resources is made through the use of a network of highly skilled practitioners operating at relatively low overhead.  While this network of recommended practitioners represents a wide range of skill and expertise, the client pays only for that expertise which is needed for his particular project.

We serve some of start-ups, technology companies, leading corporations, financial institutions, public-sector agencies, industry associations, telecommunications service providers and entrepreneurs, each of whom benefit from our industry knowledge, extensive experience and highly commercial approach.

What we offer our clients at LORD is a highly customized and partner-led service, an understanding of their respective industries, issues and needs, as well as an innovative and proactive approach to problem solving, all in order to secure the best possible results for our clients.

Laws in India

Indian laws are a combination of civil, criminal and common law principles. The various statutes are enacted at the Central and the State level. Some of the important acts are discussed below.

Patent Law in India

The present patent law in India is known as The Patents Act, 1970, which has been through various rounds of amendments. Patent applications with product claims as well as process claims have been in force by way of The Patents (Amendment) Act 2005, which is effective from 1st January 2005.

Trademark Law in India

The trademark laws in India provide protection for registered trademarks under the act along with the common law remedy of passing off. The Trademark Act, 1999 came into force with the objective of imbibing any modern developments seen in trading and commercial practices, and continues to move towards rapid globalization and necessary synchronization with the International trade laws for brand protection.

Information Technology Law in India

In India, the IT Act (Information Technology Act, 2000) is the main law that is applicable for electronic transactions executed over the eCommerce platforms. The various aspects of such transactions are governed by the IT Act, along with the provisions of the contract laws, data protection laws, and consumer protection laws.

Insolvency and Bankruptcy Law in India

The Insolvency and Bankruptcy Code 2016 applies to, both companies and individuals. It consolidates provisions of the current statutory framework to set up a common medium for debtors and creditors of all classes to determine insolvency.

Arbitration in India

The Arbitration Act, 1996 (as amended) governs the arbitration process in India. Any commercial matter comprising of an action in tort arises out of or relates to a contract that can be referred to arbitration.

Mediation in India

The mediation process in India is a voluntary process as decided by the disputing parties to find fast and effective dispute resolution.

We provide comprehensive Patent and Trademark legal services via our global network to create valuable patent portfolios and resolve complex patent disputes by providing patent litigation support services.

Our team of advanced patent attorneys assists clients with patent searches, drafting patent applications, and patent (intellectual property) agreements, including licensing and non-disclosure agreements.

Advocate Rahul Dev is a Patent Attorney & International Business Lawyer practicing Technology, Intellectual Property & Corporate Laws. He is reachable at rd (at) patentbusinesslawyer (dot) com & @rdpatentlawyer on Twitter.

Quoted in and contributed to 50+ national & international publications (Bloomberg, FirstPost, SwissInfo, Outlook Money, Yahoo News, Times of India, Economic Times, Business Standard, Quartz, Global Legal Post, International Bar Association, LawAsia, BioSpectrum Asia, Digital News Asia, e27, Leaders Speak, Entrepreneur India, VCCircle, AutoTech).

Regularly invited to speak at international & national platforms (conferences, TV channels, seminars, corporate trainings, government workshops) on technology, patents, business strategy, legal developments, leadership & management.

Working closely with patent attorneys along with international law firms with significant experience with lawyers in Asia Pacific providing services to clients in US and Europe. Flagship services include international patent and trademark filingspatent services in India and global patent consulting services.

Global Blockchain Lawyers ( is a digital platform to discuss legal issues, latest technology and legal developments, and applicable laws in the dynamic field of Digital Currency, Blockchain, Bitcoin, Cryptocurrency and raising capital through the sale of tokens or coins (ICO or Initial Coin Offerings).

Blockchain ecosystem in India is evolving at a rapid pace and a proactive legal approach is required by blockchain lawyers in India to understand the complex nature of applicable laws and regulations.


The thought behind asset tokenization is straightforward permitting change the legitimate rights over to assets with monetary worth into a Digital Token. Such digital tokens can be stored, recorded, and administered on a blockchain network. 

Because of their nature, these sort of Tokens is treated by specialists as Security Tokens which in the event of tokenization address shares in an organization, interest in an asset or trust, a home, an art collection, a farm, or any asset that an individual can claim.

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