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How Can Startups Protect Their Intellectual Property

In today’s day and age, for startups to survive in a highly competitive era- it’s imperative that they patent their individual and authentic inventions and ideas. Patents provide for a way to ensure that the innovative ideas are appropriately rewarded. With a patent, the startup increases its valuation and thus...Read More >>

Discuss The Most Common Intellectual Property Rights Problems

Intellectual property rights play a very crucial role across all sectors. The agreement on Trade-Related Aspects of Intellectual Property Rights (TRIPS) is an international agreement which is administered by the World Trade Organization. It sets down the minimum standards for various intellectual property regulations. India is also TRIPS-compliant. What is...Read More >>

Practical approaches to Patent Valuation

While defining the meaning of intellectual property, its associated with “creations of mind”. This is simply because original ideas in today’s times, especially the ones that help in the general good of the society are deemed to be commendable. The fact that an original idea takes months and sometimes years...Read More >>

Filing A Software Patent In India

With the internet connecting the dots and spaces between all geographical areas, with the world constantly growing with ever changing technology, with competition not being restricted to one’s own locality or even country- when the world is one’s oyster quite literally, it also leads to much more competition across the...Read More >>

Patent Drafting All You Need To Know

If you have any sort of background in technical or creative inventions, you have probably heard the words ‘patent’ and ‘copyright’, with a vague idea of what they denote. So, let us discuss what exactly a patent is, why it is so important, and how to go about acquiring one...Read More >>