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Brand Protection via Trademarks and Protection of Product Packaging, Configuration & Appearance

Brand Protection can be leveraged by filing of Trademarks and additional protection can be availed by claiming legal protection of Product Packaging, Configuration & Appearance...Read More >>

Patent Protection of Mobile [Smartphone] Applications – Android, Apple, Microsoft & Blackberry Apps

Biosimilars are generic versions of biologics, medicinal products with active drug component being made (or derived) from a living organism. It is complicated and cost intensive to manufacture biologics, and hence regulatory approval of biosimilars is very challenging....Read More >>

Understanding Marketplace Business Model – Legal Challenges – Insights by Udemy’s Eren Bali

In June, I attended Echelon, Asia’s largest technology conference featuring 50+ global speakers, investors, startups, entrepreneurs, and prominent tech corporations.I got a chance to listen to Udemy’s Co-Founder and chairman, Eren Bali, who spoke about building a marketplace business. What I really liked about the presentation was the way he...Read More >>

Pharmaceutical Patents in India – Compulsory Licensing, Health Emergency & Affordable Healthcare – Patent Laws in India

India is facing tremendous pressure from US for enforcement of Intellectual Property Rights (IPR) since last few months, specifically with regards to concerns over violations of pharmaceutical patents in India. Recent Issue – Dasatinib [Bristol-Myers Squibb (BMS)’s Cancer drug] Dasatinib, an anti-cancer drug produced by pharma major Bristol-Myers Squibb (BMS),...Read More >>

Patent Protection of Mobile [Smartphone] Applications – Android, Apple, Microsoft & Blackberry Apps

Mobile applications, which are commonly referred to as mobile apps, are generally available for download at various app stores. Commercially, selling mobile apps is a highly profitable business model as developers can offer apps to multiple markets.While analyzing the patentability of mobile applications, such apps have to be considered as...Read More >>