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BioSpectrum – Regulatory Challenges For APAC Businesses – Biotech in Asia Pacific

By 2020, according to Frost & Sullivan, healthcare expenditure in the APAC will increase 151 percent over 2010 figure, to $2927 billion at a compound annual growth rate of 9.2 percent.Factors such as increasing population, per capita income, prevalence of lifestyle diseases due to rapid urbanization, apart from cost factors,...Read More >>

International Bar Association – Patent Enforcement in India

Asia Pacific – Regional Forum News – Newsletter of the International Bar Association Legal Practice DivisionFull Copy of Publication: Local working requirements and enforceability of patents: an Indian perspective of challenges and opportunities surrounding a granted patent This article provides a basic overview regarding local working requirements of granted patents...Read More >>

LawAsia Publication – Patent Opposition in India

Overview of patent opposition in India, the two-stage patent opposition process and how it affects the industry, as the patent applicants are now vulnerable to multiple pre-grant oppositions filed by competitors, or even by a single competitor, since there is nothing to stop a party which has filed a pre-grant opposition from subsequently...Read More >>

HT Live Mint – Patent Backlog and Examination in India

Traditionally, after filing patents in India, applicants complained about lack of transparency in Indian Patent Office as it was impossible to track the patent prosecution process, specifically the patent examination.Originally published here. patent filing examination prosecution agent attorney india The article covers development at Indian Patent Office’s move of making...Read More >>

Economic Times – Monsanto’s Climate Resilient Crop Patent Rejection

Views published in Economic Times regarding Monsanto’s patent rejection order passed by Intellectual Property Appellate Board (IPAB).Full Article – Monsanto’s Cimate-resilient Crop Patent Claims Rejected Full copy of IPAB Order. Originally published here. biotech plant seed patent india Monsanto filed patent application No.2407/DEL/NP/2006 on 01/05/2006. The patent office examined the...Read More >>