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Innovations in the Internet of Things or the IoT sector have resulted in various patents to protected wearable devices and fitness trackers. IoT Patent Landscape reveals that patents for fitness trackers and wearable devices have increased multifold across the last few years.

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Data Processing Patents

As per patent classifications, data processing has been divided into three subcategories by IPC, CPC, and keywords:-

1. Encryption and Security

It incorporates patents that identify with the encryption of information and the figuring of records and data. Instances of licenses in this subcategory are held by Qualcomm and Irdeto.

2. Networking and Data Transmission

It identifies with patents concentrated on the exchange of information between the blockchain network and the system itself. The models in this subcategory are held by Philips and Marvell Technologies.

3.Data Manipulation, Management, and Interrogation

It incorporates information control, the executives and cross-examination inside the blockchain network. The instances of licenses in this subcategory are held by Microsoft and Tencent.

Patent Applicants

It can be used to classify the identities that are innovator leaders in a specific sector. It can also be used to identify the countries that are the main hot spots for the research and development sector. Thus, this examination can help innovators appreciate their commercial interest in the technology and the intermediate where they can carry out the activities. This information can together form and commercialize strategies. It also specifies which country has the most investment or interest in a specific area of innovation.

China and the United States are currently directing global blockchain innovation. Despite China and the United States has an equivalent number of applicants, the Chinese file the patent application twice every year as compared to the United States.

Patent Challenges

Document Authentication and Management

The issues being looked under this classification are record phony, the arrangement of the shrewd agreements and treatment of the agreements when all is said in done.

This problem has been efficiently addressed by the following companies:-

  • IBM – Handling various sorts of agreement layouts put away in a blockchain, where the kind of format open is controlled by the event type and event records entered.
  • Coinplug – Verifying the validness of a bank’s exchange records by looking at the first produced record and the subsequent record created in line with a client.
  • Bank of America – Using a private blockchain framework to upgrade and facilitate the approval of reports to be moved between two distinctive stockpiling gadgets.
  • Alibaba – Validation, and verification of archives between clients by at any rate an individual checking the record at that point transferring onto a focal server which appropriates the checked report to every single other client of the blockchain.

Data Sharing and Consistency

It identifies with patent families tending to how to verify the exchange of data over the system.

This problem has been efficiently addressed by the following companies:-

  • IBM – Method of securing the media substance of a supplier where the substance is being hung on a server and just conveyed to a media player application upon verification.
  • Coinplug – Registering just root estimations of the Merkle tree model that speaks to the entire blockchain rather than the whole blockchain to a neighborhood PC.
  • Bank of America – Using extraordinarily created hashes for each mutual information record so as to assist the framework with distinguishing between the offer information records and other information records.
  • Alibaba – Using a democratic framework to choose an accord hub for information sharing and information consistency to streamline the handling steps expected to check the blockchain.

Entity Authentication

It identifies with patents that have attempted to improve personality checking, distortion of individuals and discovery of identity fraud.

  • Coinplug- Based on a person’s ID and the transaction card.
  • Bank of America – Using biometric information to produce the one of a kind identifier.
  • Alibaba-Validating the user’s character by deciding first and check the estimations of the user.

Security and Secrecy

It identifies with the patent families that are attempting to tackle the issues of protection and encryption of information and moves.

  • IBM – Method of protecting the media content of a provider where the content is being held on a server and only delivered to a media player application upon authentication.
  • Coinplug – Using a blockchain-based electronic wallet framework as a verification framework.
  • Bank of America – A framework that tracks asset accessibility and changes over non-secure instruments into secure instruments that require a client and mark approval before allowing access.
  • Alibaba – Using a blockchain stage to confirm exchange demands before moving the assets to the client.

General Transactions

It captures arrangements identified with exchanges and trade of information, following and deciding the kind of transfers.

  • IBM – blockchain to distinguish parties that have pending exchanges.
  • Coinplug – The utilization of blockchain to follow exchanges between parties without the need to perceive an open location or the utilization of QR-codes.
  • Bank of America – Using a blockchain framework to empower a client to move data starting with one bank then onto the next without the requirement for an aggregator.
  • Alibaba – A shrewd agreement framework in a blockchain to decide the best agreement layout to utilize, in view of the business exchanges required.

Data Processing Speeds

It incorporates patent families that are taking care of issues identified with the preparing rates of information from different sources inside the blockchain.

  • IBM – Using a subjective information handling framework condition to improve the speed and exactness of connecting persistent wellbeing records.
  • Bank of America – Compiling information from groups that are identified with one another into squares of a blockchain.
  • Alibaba – Using information stockpiling guidelines that catch personality, key pair, and timestamp the information before capacity into the blockchain.

Data Currency and Banking

It intends to unravel issues encompassing computerized monetary forms and fiscal exchanges, including installments and stock trades.

  • IBM – Keeping records of digital currency moves and putting away them in a second stockpiling area on the blockchain.
  • Coinplug – Reducing the number of exchanges by collecting the reduced sum in one blockchain and afterward executing the exchange.
  • Bank of America-Employing assumed name mapping inside the blockchain to follow installment exchanges.

Patents in Australia

There are two types of Australian patent applications:-

    1. Standard Patent – It protects an invention that is new, it must involve an inventive step, must not be obvious and has its use in the industry.
    2. Innovation patent – It is Australia’s second-tier patent and has a lower inventiveness.

The Australian Government has acknowledged the recommendation of the Productivity Commission to stage out the innovation patent.

Only 59 patent families contained patents filed through the innovation patent. Australians have mad higher proportional use of innovation patent systems which is 55% in blockchain technology.

Due to the lesser threshold for this type of patent, and the fact that the innovation patent is not enforceable abroad, this may overemphasize the level of innovative activities of Australian patent applicants in blockchain technology.

Chinese Applicants dominate Blockchain Technology. Alibaba, a Chinese company is the largest applicant who has filed about 57 families. Talking about global companies, Coinplug from South Korea and IBM has 75 and 61 families respectively.

Applicants are using blockchain technology to resolve glitches in document handling and administration, and predominately applying the technology into payment and transaction systems.

Australia’s role in the area of blockchain technology is active, with 49 patent families originating from Australian inventors, ranking Australia sixth globally in patent applications. Australia is also classified sixth globally as a destination for filing blockchain patents, with 87 patent families filed in Australia.

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