Blockchain Innovations and Blockchain Patent Trends


Patent attorneys with expertise in Blockchain, Distributed Ledger and Smart Contracts draft and file patent applications for Blockchain IP Protection.


IBM was recently granted a patent covering an innovation to prevent drones from stealing packages. Companies like DHL, Amazon and FedEx are working on automated delivery of packages by using drones.

Blockchain Innovation

Blockchain is a distributed record which can record exchanges between two parties in an efficient and genuine manner. It is an innovation that can support better approaches for interfacing and recording information over all regions of innovation.

Blockchain was at first connected with digital currency exchanges. Its uses are being investigated and perceived in different structures, for example, record-keeping, contact, and registers, and so forth.

The health business has been investigating blockchain to help and verify data trade of patient records and furthermore for following of pharmaceuticals from their production to their organization to patients.

The consumer world perceives blockchain as an approach to follow supply chains from production to form names and to rearrange security forms identifying with passenger screening.

Patent Data

Patents are allowed for gadgets, substances, techniques or procedures that are new, creative and valuable which gives elite business rights in return for full public revelation of the development.

Patents can be utilized as pointers of innovative activity. The parts of innovative action can be estimated by examination of information related to the patent archives.

This suggests patents are a wellspring of information on innovation trends in science and innovation.

Patent Document

It is compulsory for the applicant to document a patent application for every country an applicant needs to get patent assurance. The Patent goal demonstrates that where the pioneer needs to ensure their development. There can be different purposes behind assurance including the country being an objective for commercialization or that the country is significant for future research. With the assistance of blockchain innovation, the applicant can document the most noteworthy extent of patents inside their very own country.

Blockchain Technology

Technology analysis helps to identify the level of activity in specific technology areas within an overall field. It can additionally assist pioneers with understanding different regions of business intrigue and educate commercialization methodologies and research headings.

Division of patents occurred in two general classes which are broad chain applications and data processing. There were additionally founded on patent classification symbols, International Patent Classification (IPC) and Cooperative Patent Classification (CPC) and keywords.

There has been a low extent in connection to the patents getting approved by patent offices.

Blockchain Applications

The blockchain applications are additionally divided into four subcategories by IPC, CPC, and keywords. These subcategories are as per the following:-

      1. Payment and Transaction systems:-

It incorporates patents coordinated to the utilization of blockchain innovation in cash transfer. It has the most elevated extent of patent families or groups of all subcategories of blockchain applications. Innovations in this sector are protected by patents mostly owned by Digital Asset Holdings, nChain, Socure, and Swirlds.

      1. Financial Services:-

Financial Services incorporate patents that include banking, stock exchanging and the executives of money and cryptographic forms of money. Instances of patents in this sub-classification are held by Nasdaq and Coinplug.

      1. Business Administration:-

It captures the utilization of blockchain innovation in exchange applications that don’t include cash. These incorporate record-keeping, restorative records and the board of agreements. Instances of patents in this subclass are held by eIngot and SkuChain.

      1. Shopping and Ecommerce:-

It identifies with patents that use blockchain in purchases from online and customary shops and in internet gaming. A case of licenses in this subcategory is held by Beston Technologies Pty Ltd.

Blockchain Patent Attorney

Patent attorneys with expertise in blockchain technology work closely with clients to perform patent searches and draft patent applications. During blockchain patent research, patent attorney conducts a key word search of the granted patents and published patent applications across various patent database platforms. The patent searches are based on the features of the blockchain innovation by themselves and in combination. To expand the scope of the blockchain patent search, keyword search is also performed across various Non-Patent Literature (NPL) resources to ensure that all the related prior art is retrieved.

Blockchain Patent Drafting

Patent attorneys conduct comprehensive research before drafting software patents and mobile app patents. The patent research work also includes comparison between features of the blockchain innovation and prior art references. On certain occasions, a patent claim chart is also prepared to illustrate the relationship between prior art and the innovation features.

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