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Patent Filing in India

Patent registration in India is an online process wherein clients are represented by the patent attorneys and patent laws firms. We assist clients in obtaining patent rights in India and other countries through our network of patent associates.


    Patent Prosecution in India

    After filing a patent in India, the overall process thereafter till the registration of patent is termed as patent prosecution in India. We work closely with clients to represent their interests across all stages of patent prosecution, including patent publication, patent examination, reporting of patent office action or patent examination report, responding to patent office actions or patent examination reports by way of arguments to counter novelty and inventive step (non-obviousness) rejections, attending hearings before the patent examiner, submitting written submissions at the time of hearings, obtaining patent registration certificate, and paying patent renewal fee. We also handle pre-grant patent oppositions and post-grant patent oppositions in India.

    Prior Art Patent Searches and Patentability Analysis

    Patent searches are performed to determine relevant prior art for an invention, covering both patent references and non-patent literature. Once relevant prior art is determined, detailed patentability analysis is performed for each and every feature of the invention with a view to ascertain novelty and non-obviousness (inventive step) of the invention. Patent searches are performed prior to filing of patent applications in India and outside India, covering public and private resources.

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