Technology Sectors

Chemicals, Materials and Resources

Intellectual Property is generated when a new material is developed by chemical engineers or chemists. Either the old manufacturing process is advanced and optimized or a new method is discovered for an existing substance. Throughout the supply-chain, we work with the inventors. We help them with securing their rights and...Read More >>

Consumer and Retail

In India, cumulative FDI inflow in retail between April 2000 to December 2018 was US$ 1.59 Billion. Yet, the retail sector remains unstable, with consumers facing increasing costs in all phases of their lives. At the same time, consumers are more and more demanding. The way they choose and purchase...Read More >>

Life Sciences and Healthcare

With the growing and ageing of the world’s population there has never been a greater requirement for innovation in Healthcare and Life Sciences Sector. The world’s problems in human wellbeing, animal healthiness, food technology and food security handle all of our lives. Our fervent, specialist and welcoming attorneys understand the...Read More >>

Manufacturing, Engineering and Industrial Design

Our expertise and work is a broad spectrum of various technologies within the aeronautic, automotive, substance and marine engineering, electrical and mechanical engineering sectors. We counsel start-ups, academies, university spin-offs, Small and Medium Enterprises and multinationals in shielding their inventions and improvements and advancing their market share in the face...Read More >>

Technology, Communication and Media

Developments in technology, telecommunications and media have altered our lives drastically over the last 30 years. Our thirst for data give us an idea about no sign of being satisfied as we look for more content, more quickly on our computers, tablets and mobile devices. The unvarying desire for more,...Read More >>