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Job of Patent Attorney

Patent attorneys work with inventors for filing patents in the field of pharmaceuticals, mechanical engineering, software, hardware, electronics, biochemistry, Internet of Things (IoT), Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML). Patent attorneys and patent law firms assist clients with patent registrations, patent drafting, patent filings and patent searches.

Patent Attorney Profile

Patent law advisors spend significant time in the territory of law securing the property privileges of innovators. Applying for a patent is a perplexing strategy that requires the skill of an attorney who is prepared to decipher the principles and guidelines of the patent procedure, arrange contracts, documents filing and give legal portrayal to innovators. The Patent Counsel is an important member of the Legal Department, offering direct help to the Senior Director, lntellectual Property and the Vice President, Chief Patent Counsel and to an assortment of business purposes, including product improvement, business advancement, deals, and promoting, funding, and authoritative gatherings, just as offering help varying to different lawyers on a wide assortment of issues. The Patent Attorney works on a wide variety of Intellectual Property matters including:
  • Patent Filing & Prosecution
  • Product Clearance / Freedom to operate
  • Due Diligence
In addition, the patent attorney helps to plan, develop and implement overall goals and strategy for the IP department at innovative companies to meet the agreed performance plans.

Patent Counsel Profile

Patent agents are associated with all parts of law covering patents and the intellectual property rights of innovators. Directing patent searches to guarantee that an innovation has not been disclosed in the public domain and is patentable is the primary duty of a patent legal advisor; following that, the individual in question drafts, files and prosecutes patent applications for the benefit of inventors before the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) and other patent offices along with PCT applications as filed with WIPO. Patent lawyers likewise give legal portrayal in instances of patent violation, hitches to the permit of an innovation and appeals to the USPTO and other patent office. The Responsibilities of the Patent Counsel can further be classified as follows:
  • Partner with Engineering and Business Teams on recognizing patentable inventions and other patent-related matters
  • Manage outside patent counsels for filings and indictments
  • Support Patent case groups on key challenged around the world
  • Assist with Global Patent Portfolio methodologies and regulate the Patent award program
  • Counsel business groups on a scope of legal points identifying with existing and recently created products, including intellectual property, security, advertising, competition, and other lawful and administrative areas
  • Drafting, evaluation and negotiate an assortment of agreements, intellectual property agreements, service agreements, and partnership agreements
  • Collaboration with the worldwide legal group to create and actualize best practices and strategies, for instance, in the fields of contracting, patent licensing and compliance
  • Assisting with superior projects at all levels.

Patent Attorney Qualifications

Patent attorneys have 15+ years of experience with domestic and foreign patent filings. The favored experience likewise incorporates examining business products and drafting FTO opinions and in presentation to suit and additional transactional areas with developing obligations. Patent attorneys also possess practical judgment, especially in deciding the criticalness of lawful issues and viably estimating and adjusting lawful and business risks, along with effective organizational skills so as to organize and deal with various time-delicate projects instantaneously.
Level18,One Horizon Center,
Golf Course Road
DLF Phase 5,Sector 43

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