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Pharmaceutical Patents in India

Intellectual Property is generated when a new material is developed by chemical engineers or chemists. Either the old manufacturing process is advanced and optimized or a new method is discovered for an existing substance. Throughout the supply-chain, we work with the inventors. We help them with securing their rights and build portfolios which can protect the invention and hence grow their business. Generally, this is by securing patent rights to avert any other person from taking advantage of their efforts, growth and hard work. Innovations in pharmaceutical and chemical industry are protected by way of chemical patents, drug patents and pharmaceutical patents.

This enhances the company value and secures market-leading arrangements. Our expertise extends to enforcement and contestant monitoring. This is vastly helpful when you consider that in 2018 a total of 11993 applications were granted between January 2017 and December 2017 and a total of 13782 patents have been granted. We proactively provide you with the knowledge you need to be conscious of contestant patent rights to avoid infringing others’ rights and encourage new innovations to be turned into assets — ensuring that you’re always ahead of the game.

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