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BioSpectrum Asia – Compulsory License of Bayer’s Nexavar

In March 2012, the Indian Patent office granted first compulsory license to NATCO pharma to make anti-cancer drug sorafenib for the India market. However, the compulsory license is subject to certain conditions, such as maintaining account of sales, and payment of royalty at six percent of the net sales on...Read More >>

5G Technology Patents – Enabling Internet of Things (IoT) and High Speed Data Transmission #MWC16

Future of connectivity relies heavily upon 5G technology and companies including Nokia, Huawei and Ericsson are getting ready to prepare themselves for next generation mobile technology.While essential technologies are covered under SEPs (Standard Essential Patents) and FRAND (Fair, Reasonable and Non Discriminatory Licensing Terms), there’s still big rewards for original patent...Read More >>

AutoTech Review – Patents And Connected Cars – Internet Of Things (IoT) – Emerging Trends And Predictions

Publication in AutoTech Review – India’s First and Only Automotive Magazine that Speaks the Language of Technology Tesla and Apple Tesla founder Elon Musk recently confirmed that he believes Apple is working on producing a car, during an interview with the BBC. So when Elon, who commands greatest authority in...Read More >>

Getting Dream Job – Guide For Students – Add Value To Dissertations, Projects & Internships #WednesdayWisdom

Originally published in Annual Magazine published by BCAS, Delhi University. Read full article as originally published here. student magazine cover campus placement Talk to any working professional who has worked for 5 years or more seeking career advice, and majority will give you a common answer about how they committed blunders during...Read More >>

Startup Founders Agreement – Importance of Legal Documents & Contracts for Companies

What is Co-Founders’ Agreement?Document addressing relationship among startup founders by defining their rights and responsibilities. Originally published here. cofounder shareholder promoter agreement for startups company investment Why is Co-Founders’ Agreement required? To avoid legal pitfalls during early stages of startup and ensure proper understanding between cofounders, thereby reducing risk of...Read More >>