Brief Introduction of 5 Most Famous Trade Secrets

examples of trade secrets
Earlier we have discussed a little bit about Trade secrets that they are something which gets the respective companies most profit when they are most strictly hidden. They are commonly the methods of manufacturing the companies’ prime products; the secret recipes of the companies’ fame gainer food, etc. Companies keep these as their Trade Secrets to keep the upper hand in competition with their competitors.
Here we are discussing 5 of the most famous Trade Secrets of all time-

1 . The Coca-Cola Secret

The Coca-Cola Company had decided to keep their recipe as a Trade Secret instead of patenting it as patenting might cause the disclosure of the recipe.


It was also told that one of the ingredients of the recipe might be Cocaine. Another rumor about it was that the recipe might contain bugs or insects. All these defaming rumors were also reasons for Coca-Cola to keep their recipe secret.


In 2006, one employee along with two companions stole the formula and tried to sell it to Pepsi but Pepsi got them arrested.

2 . The Google Search Algorithm

 Internet surfing seems to be almost impossible without using Google products. Especially the Google search engine is our greatest weapon against all our shortage of information problems.


Google developed the most convenient search engine with the help of a secret search algorithm and they continuously refine or develop it but they never reveal their secret algorithm.


So, that secret search algorithm is the greatest Trade Secret of Google for becoming the most popular search engine in the world.

3. KFC or Kentucky Fried Chicken

Our favorite KFC also has its secret recipe which is used to fill our minds with the pleasure of good taste. The main secret location of this recipe is mainly in Colonel Sander’s head but he has written it down too and has kept it in a safe in Kentucky.


Though a few selected employees know the recipe they are bound by a confidentiality agreement. So, that recipe is considered a great Trade Secret of KFC.

4. Lena Blackburn’s Baseball Rubbing Mud

Not all Trade secrets are related to food. For making it easier to grip new baseball, the rubbing mud was developed to dull the surface of the balls. Though it has been informed to people that the rubbing mud comes from public land but it comes from only one place which is intelligently kept secret to common people.


So, this is also a great example of a Trade secret.

5 . New York Times Bestseller List

The New York Times has a secret strategy to analyze the sales figures collected from the chain and independent book stores to decide their bestseller list. For that sometimes the books having the fewer copies sold, make their place in the bestseller list.


As it is their Trade secret, their employees just say it’s about “official” and “unofficial” bestsellers, without disclosing their secret strategy.

Companies protect their trade secrets to gain business advantage through stringent contracts and agreements. Protection of trade secrets includes a nonpublic information that has been developed by the protected parties. In terms of business strategy, Economic Espionage refers to the unauthorized theft of a trade secret knowing or intending that the act will benefit any nation, foreign entity, or instrumentality. This includes, but is not limited to, trade secrets found on, or transmitted by, any wire or electronic communication, records, papers, or documents of a protected person. Economic espionage is a violation of the law and can be punished as vigorously and as severely as any other crime.


Protecting business interests is the primary reason behind sharing intellectual property rights; however, there are many situations where confidential information must be protected. One such situation includes the marketing and promotion of new products and services. It is not uncommon for large corporations to consult with a marketing firm to obtain confidential information regarding a prospective product line before actual implementation. In instances such as these, it is often reasonable for the parties to share their confidential information in order to ensure the success of the marketing plan.


Protection of trade secrets is a matter of national security and should be a high priority on the agendas of all businesses. The economic consequences of stealing trade secrets can be disastrous to any business, as well as to the national economy. Any trade secret that is stolen can harm a business and its ability to compete. Also, damages that result from the illegal release of trade secrets can result in substantial fines and a loss of business. Therefore, when any type of information is taken or stolen in violation of law, businesses must take reasonable steps to protect their information.

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