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The legal industry is evolving at a rapid pace and as Nobel prize winner Niels Bohr famously said, “Prediction is very difficult, especially about the future.”

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Choosing IPR is different from practicing IPR. IPR is a category not a subject. It is one of the biggest myths of law field which needs to be addressed. IPR has categories which can be further divided by acts. e.g. Designs Act, Trademark Act, Copyright Act. Choice of IPR has to be at subject level with a specific category.

1. Looking for the lawyers through Google search gives the client based results.
2. Thoroughly research the different websites
3. IP India website which has different jurisdictions and go through their publications
4. You can get the contact details that can help to approach the lawyers within that

LLM is useful only if you want to enter the research areas. L.L.M does not solve the problem of getting a job. Few LLM courses are designed on the future aspects of law like impact of law in the field of AI, Blockchain, Fin-tech etc.

Following Action Points can be taken into consideration:
1. Maintain a list which firms which work in different areas of IPR.
2. Don't focus on top law firms. Look out for other opportunities like with independent lawyers,small
law firms.
3. Research and read about various case studies on the court websites.
4. Always start your career with Trial Court
5. Meet lawyers at their chambers
6. Understanding the basic process of filing that can fill the gap between the law firms and trail court

Think beyond the usual the process. Focus on the news of the country. Think and keep yourself two
steps ahead of usual law fields. Law is not just about the law graduation and Bar exam. Law is
everything except this. You need to understand the scope of the market. Think about what is the
scope of law in next 5 years.
E.g. – Data Protection; Privacy; Fin-tech, E-media (censorship boards of Netflix, Amazon etc).

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