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Patent Strategy for Inventions – Insights by Patent Attorney

April 25th, 2019Drafting & Filing Patent in India - Insights by Patent Attorney

Innovative intellectual property comprising strong and enforceable patents with well drafted patent claims can be created in a cost-effective manner by engaging with an experienced patent attorney and technology business lawyer. A strongly formulated patent strategy acts as an invaluable asset during technology and product development, as has been proven time and again by innovative companies worldwide.

ITPAS (Ideas to Patents and Strategy), is an innovative business program to create and bring new products to markets across the globe, as reported by New York Time News. By expediting the process of creating valuable patents, global inventors and innovative business owners can define the title and ownership of creative business models, which can further be patented across multiple jurisdictions (US, Europe, Asia Pacific), subject to the patent eligibility criteria. Importance of Patents Historically, patents have added immense value to technology based products, thereby increasing revenues and creating healthy competition in the industry. For example, a new product may be launched with a first-to-market advantage, which can easily be replicated and knocked off the shelves by the competitors. Therefore, without appropriate patent protection, the revenue of original product owner may reduce. On the contrary, by drafting and filing strong patent applications, the original product owner can stop third parties from infringing upon its patents and further exploit licensing revenues from a strong patent portfolio. Benefits of Patents Patent laws across multiple jurisdictions include marking requirement in one form or another, which requires the patent applicants and patent owners to mark the product as “Patent Pending” or “Patented”. In case of physical products, patent number or registered design number can be stamped or marked. In essence, such marking requirements provide additional advantages to patent owners as these act as a supplementary marketing tool for the companies. Software Patent FAQs: How are software patents granted in India? Does Indian patent law allow software patents? How to apply for software patent in India? How to patent a software in India? How to patent a mobile application in India? What are the examples of software patents in India? How to Patent an Idea General Patent FAQs: What is a Provisional Patent Application? What are advantages of Filing a Provisional Patent Application? How can Patent Search help in determining Patentability of Invention? What is the meaning of Patent Pending Status? Journey of my blog from LinkedIn to 30+ news portals Rahul Dev is a Patent Attorney & International Business Lawyer practicing Technology, Intellectual Property & Corporate Laws. He is reachable at rd (at) patentbusinesslawyer (dot) com & @rdpatentlawyer on Twitter Flagship Speaking Engagements Patent Forum (Munich, Germany) | News Channels | Ministry of Corporate Affairs | ASSOCHAM | FICCI | Brand Licensing India | BioEnergy International Featured Publications Economic Times | The Hindu | BioSpectrum | International Bar Association | LawAsia | SwissInfo | Global Legal Post | HT Live Mint | Outlook Money Patent Attorney in New York Top rated and highly experienced patent lawyers in New York can be found by searching USPTO database or by reviewing patent law firms comprising patent attorneys (patent agents) registered to practice before USPTO. Inventors in New York can personally interview multiple patent lawyers before selecting the patent attorney best suited to address their needs. Clients can also explore cities in the vicinity of New York, including, Brooklyn, Cedarhurst, Elizabeth, Garden City, Flushing, Bronx, Jamaica, Staten Island, Hackensack etc. and can also research patent attorneys practicing related areas, like Intellectual Property, Copyrights, Trademarks, Trade Secrets, Cyber Laws, Technology Laws, and the like. Technology Development in New York As it is well known, New York is the financial, business, trademark, and fashion focal point of the world, and hence, many global businesses and financial corporations are headquartered there. New York is a great place to launch innovative products due to the tech savvy residents. Recently, it was reported that a mobile application has been launched to apply for Food Stamps in New York. It is well known that about 1.7 million people in New York City receive food stamps and to qualify, they must produce dozens of documents to prove their eligibility, including birth certificates, pay stubs, leases and children’s school records. It is really problematic to gather, copy and bring the documents to a social services office, and then wait to be seen by a worker. New York city’s welfare agency, the Human Resources Administration, plans to ease this step with the help of a new cellphone app, wherein those seeking food stamps can take pictures of the required documents with their phones and upload the photos to the mobile application.

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