Free eBook – ICO LAWS AND COMPLIANCE – ICO Regulations and Legal Framework – Blockchain Law – Legal Aspects of Cryptocurrency and ICO – Initial Coin Offering

Initial Coin Offerings (ICO) and Cryptocurrencies are attracting investors at an exciting pace, whereas regulatory aspects of ICO and cryptocurrency present major challenges across various nations. This write-up is aimed at discussing legal, tax, accounting, know your customer (KYC), anti-money laundering (AML) and business due diligence aspects for the FinTech (Financial Technology) sector, with a special focus on ICO and Cryptocurrencies.

Subscribe to Our Exclusive List Download the eBook here. Global Blockchain Lawyers are also required to draft legal documents (agreements and contracts) for the sale of ICO tokens and coins, including website terms, privacy policy, terms of use, ICO Private Placement Offering Document, pre-Crowd Token Offer (Pre ICO), Crowd Token Offer Agreement (ICO), in addition to writing ICO legal opinion letters. Global Blockchain Lawyers ( is a digital platform to discuss legal issues, latest technology and legal developments, and applicable laws in the dynamic field of Digital Currency, Blockchain, Bitcoin, Cryptocurrency and raising capital through the sale of tokens or coins (ICO or Initial Coin Offerings). Blockchain ecosystem in India is evolving at a rapid pace and a proactive legal approach is required by blockchain lawyers in India to understand the complex nature of applicable laws and regulations. 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He is reachable at rd (at) patentbusinesslawyer (dot) com & @rdpatentlawyer on Twitter Flagship Speaking Engagements Patent Forum (Munich, Germany) | News Channels | Ministry of Corporate Affairs | ASSOCHAM | FICCI | Brand Licensing India | BioEnergy International Featured Publications Economic Times | The Hindu | BioSpectrum | International Bar Association | LawAsia | SwissInfo | Global Legal Post | HT Live Mint | Outlook Money Advertisements REPORT THIS AD REPORT THIS AD Share this: TwitterFacebook Tagged Bitcoin ICO, Blockchain, Blockchain attorney, Blockchain law, Blockchain law in Asia, Blockchain law in India, Blockchain lawyer, business law, business lawyer, cryptocurrency, cryptocurrency attorney, cryptocurrency attorneys, cryptocurrency law, cryptocurrency law in Asia, cryptocurrency law in India, cryptocurrency lawyer, cryptocurrency lawyers, Cyber Law, Cyber Lawyer, Digital Currency, entrepreneurs, entrepreneurship, Fintech attorney, Fintech lawyer, founders, ICO Agreements, ICO Attorney, ICO Attorneys, ICO compliance, ICO Documentation, ICO Documents, ICO international legal compliance, ICO LAWS AND COMPLIANCE, ICO lawyer, ICO legal compliance, ICO Legal Documents, ICO legal entity, ICO Legal Opinion, ICO Legal Services, ICO Legal Services and Support, ICO Regulations and Legal Framework, ICO Regulations‎, ICO Structuring, ICO Whitepapers, Initial Coin Offering, International ICOs, investments, investors, Legal Aspects of Cryptocurrency and ICO, Startup law, startup lawyer, startups, Tech law, Tech lawyer, Technology Post navigation PREVIOUS POST Blockchain Law – Legal Aspects of Cryptocurrency and ICO – Initial Coin Offering NEXT POST Patent Intelligence and Patent Monetization 1 thought on “Free eBook – ICO LAWS AND COMPLIANCE – ICO Regulations and Legal Framework – Blockchain Law – Legal Aspects of Cryptocurrency and ICO – Initial Coin Offering” Pingback: Blockchain Law – Legal Aspects of Cryptocurrency and ICO – Initial Coin Offering – Patent Business Lawyer in Asia
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